Sonya Yoncheva lauded for Poppea in Salzburg

“Monteverdi’s Poppea, a fiercely ambitious Roman noblewoman, uses sexual allure and ruthless power plays to become empress. With the soprano Sonya Yoncheva dramatically ferocious and vocally sensual in the role, the character came across, in this #MeToo moment, as strangely more sympathetic than in the past. After all, if a woman in her time wanted real political power, what other course did she have?”
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

“The coronation of Poppaea at the Salzburg Festival: imperial Sonya Yoncheva”

“William Christie conducts a cast with no weak link, dominated by the incendiary Poppaea of Sonya Yoncheva”

“After a detour via Traviata, Norma or Tosca, Sonya Yoncheva returns to her first love (baroque) and a role she once approached in Lille: Poppea. Free as ever, the star offers the courtesan the most torrid portrait that can be imagined, playing every moment of its pulpy attractions, whether vocal or physical. What Nero could not be dominated by such an anatomical bomb?”
Emmanuel Dupuy, Diapason

“Sonya Yoncheva sings a Poppea full of the finest nuances, warm, soft, with little vibrato, but an irresistible messa di voce... .”
Jan Brachmann, Frankfurter Allgemeine

“Sonya Yoncheva manages to free the role from all traces of a plotting careerist: The sensual roundness of her soprano never seems to be applied in a calculated way, but, with all artistry, is a natural phenomenon. Her singing is calm and confident, is glowing passionately – and this is enough as a signal for everybody around Poppea, so that her goals are being fulfilled automatically.”
Walter Weidringer, Die Presse

“Sonya Yoncheva, in the meanwhile an international star, arouses enthusiasm as Poppea with her expressive, perfectly produced soprano, returning to her old repertoire.”

“Sonya Yoncheva is barnstorming in the role of Poppea and fires off vocal pyrotechnics.”
Jörn Florian Fuchs, Deutschlandfunk

“For this Poppea Christie assembled a cast of the greatest quality. In the title role, Sonya Yoncheva put her luscious, supple soprano at the service of pre-Baroque music; she showed that she is an all-round artist, at home both in the early 1600s as she is in the late 1800s. Whoever worried about her voice being “too big” or with “too much vibrato” was silenced by her stunning performance. Her Poppea was unapologetically sexy; Yoncheva did not shy from sensuous, explicit acting, and seduced the whole audience.”
Laura Servidei,

“In the title role Sonya Yoncheva convinced dramatically and vocally as sensual Poppea.”

Susanne Zobl,