Sonya Yoncheva received rave reviews for her performances in Otello at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.
“Captivating” (Frankfurter Allgemeine), “powerful” (Musik Heute) with “strong, dark, even combative tones” (BR Klassik) are only a few of the descriptions for her Desdemona at the Easter Festival. You can click here below to read the complete press review:

“Sonya Yoncheva shines as Desdemona…
… the captivating Sonya Yoncheva… .”
Lotte Thaler, Frankfurter Allgemeine

“… a round sound with a rich low register and finely spun pianissimo high notes.”
Michael Stallknecht, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“Sonya Yoncheva’s expansive soprano was at its height… .”
Judith v. Sternburg, Frankfurter Rundschau

“… a vocally purified, yet warm performance that makes her love death to a touching experience.”
Karsten Umlauf, SWR2

“Sonya Yoncheva breaks through Desdemona’s mask with vigorous voice”
“Vocally Yoncheva expresses Desdemona with all the more expression, and gives her strong, dark, even combative tones. This Desdemona defends herself very well… .”
Franziska Stürz, BR-Klassik

“The star in the soloist ensemble is Sonya Yoncheva as Desdemona, who gives a moving musical profile to the character in exquisite cantilenas, superb tones and passion filled internal energy. She’s the light of the evening in more ways than one.”
Karl Georg Berg, Die Rheinpfalz

“Her soprano has a lyrical, dramatic mass, her interpretive skill (The Willow Song, Ave Maria) is great, as is her technique.”
Alexander Dick, Badische Zeitung

“The soprano Sonya Yoncheva is brilliant as Desdemona: a great dramatic voice, overwhelming and also with a tender, glowing intimacy.”
Jürgen Kanold, Gmünder Tagespost

Stuart Skelton and Sonya Yoncheva know these roles well. (…) She sings with a good deal of resoluteness and in the Willow Song she is completely with herself.”
Joachim Lange, Wiener Zeitung

“Sonya Yoncheva is shaping the role of Desdemona in a wonderfully colorful way”
Susanne Benda, Stuttgarter Nachrichten

“Desdemona, the unbroken, intensely resounding Bulgarian Sonya Yoncheva…”
“… luminous vocal lines. She ascends to an exquisite upper register with winsome energetic power and easy, free-flowing vibrato. Her ‘The Willow Song’ and ‘Ave Maria’ are smooth and imploring, sung fully balanced, with concentrated purity.”
Prof. Kurt Witterstätter,

“Sonya Yoncheva sings a powerful Desdemona, with a lyric and subtle ‘Willow Song’.”
Martina Kausch, Musik Heute

“… a complex Desdemona. … she enlivens every cantilena and also brings life to the deep, dark colors of the role.”
Georg Rudiger,

“The Desdemona of the Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva (Plovdiv, 1981), on the contrary, was impeccable, a paragon of security, rich palette of colors and very good technique; she was greeted with a standing ovation, together with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, with its honorary director Zubin Mehta… . “
Juan Carlos Tellechea,

“… she soon demonstrated, that her soprano is of high lyrical quality and capable of producing floating, light tones. (…). In the ‘Willow Song’ and the ‘Ave Maria’ she creates an almost supernatural, magical mood.”
Udo Klebes, Online Merker