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Press review “Tosca” at the Opernhaus Zürich

Sonya Yoncheva just completed a run of Tosca at the Opernhaus Zürich. Check out here what the press has to say about her Floria:

“Sonya Yoncheva is by far the best interpreter of Tosca in Zurich in a long, long time.”
“Sonya Yoncheva offers a perfect interpretation as Floria Tosca. The voice is perfectly placed and carries perfectly. Her low notes are seductive, her middle register is rich and her high notes are sparkling and clean. Stylistically, nothing is left to be desired: Yoncheva finds the right amount of drama and veristic aplomb. This absolute vocal sovereignty enables her to completely immerse herself in the role. Yoncheva becomes Tosca, flirts with her lover, pulls him across the stage with her scarf or is jealous of her supposed rival (the fan flies quickly and purposefully against the painting), proves disgust for Scarpia, culminating in his stabbing so that she can have a proper life. Her “Vissi d’arte” is the absolute highlight of the evening, she is in the spotlight, with the edge of the portal illuminated. Yoncheva is by far the best interpreter of Tosca in Zurich in a long, long time.”
Jan Krobot, Der Neue Merker

“The soft start of ‘Vissi d’arte’ was sublime. When she unleashed her voice, her top notes chilled the blood; she is also a very fine coquettish actress and the audience laughed on several occasions, not something which happens in many a Tosca. When these two soloists [Sonya Yoncheva and Joseph Calleja] were on stage, we realised how lucky we are in a relatively small city such as Zurich to be able to witness two stars who normally grace the Met and Covent Garden.”
John Rhoes, Seen and Heard International

“Sonya Yoncheva subscribes to this view of the character: she can really play the diva. Her musical interpretation was luckily more traditional. She cranked up the emotional level and gave us a sincere, convincing, desperate Tosca, which at times clashed with the action. Her bright soprano was strong, powerful, and very easy on the high notes, her “do della lama” was spectacular. In the third act Carsen (or Yoncheva?) dismissed the diva aloofness and melted down in complete abandon: it was the most successful part.”
Laura Servidei, Bachtrack

“Thanks to Sonya Yoncheva as Floria Tosca, the audience can enjoy an exemplary interpretation of the role. Small details that she interprets differently than in the second performance show how confidently she masters the role. Her stage presence rises the role into a new dimension.”
Jan Krobot, Der Neue Merker